Golf Canada Foundation Women’s Fund

The mandate of the Golf Canada Foundation’s Women’s Fund Committee is to support women’s initiatives and programs that will have a significant impact on women’s golf. 2019 will be the ninth year these grants have been available. The following are the links to application forms, with explanations of each grant type immediately below.

The grants (for the year 2019) from the Golf Canada Women’s Fund may be applied for until October 31, 2018, with approval being announced by January 8th, 2019. Grants will be available to Provincial Golf Associations and other groups or individuals as long as the applications fit the fund criteria to have a significant impact on women’s golf.

The areas that grants could focus on are as follows:

1. Player Development:
Female training or player development programs that focus on long term development and/or player competitive experience will be considered. Programs must have mechanisms in place in order to track the progress of the players who participate in these programs. This data will be required to be provided to Golf Canada. Preference will be given to new programs.

2. Women instructors and coaches:
The Women’s Fund committee recognizes the need for role models for young female golfers. Programs that assist to promote training, mentoring and education of female instructors and coaches will be considered for grant monies. Special attention will be focused on initiatives that are targeted at involving females in the training and certification of the PGA of Canada contexts of Future Links Leader, Coach of New Competitors and Coach of Developing Competitors.

3. Volunteers (rules officials, course raters, etc):
The Women’s Fund will pay for one female from each province to attend a National Rules Seminar each year and for one female from each province (who has not attended before) to attend a National Course Rating Seminar (when held). Participants will attend the closest seminar to their homes and will have their travel, accommodation, and course entry fee covered. Golf Canada travel agents must be used and the Golf Canada expense form must be completed. Preference will be given to Level 3 rules officials who have not yet attained National Level 4 Rules certification and to applicants who have not previously be given a Golf Canada Women’s Fund grant to attend a National seminar. For National Course Rating seminars, preference will also be given to applicants who have not previously received a Golf Canada Women’s Fund grant.

Consideration for any grants that fall under the first two areas will be given to initiatives or programs that are able to continue for years to come (and become self-sufficient in terms of funding). Funding to a maximum of 60%. Promotion of programs must recognize the contribution of the Golf Canada Foundation and grant funds must only be used for approved programs. Upon approval of the program, the Golf Canada Foundation will distribute 60% of the approved amount.

Once the program has been completed and a final report (activity summary and actual budget) has been received, reviewed and approved for payment, the balance of the grant (40%) will be released. A report on use of the funds must be submitted by October 1st of the year the funds were provided, and any unused funds must be returned to the Golf Canada Foundation Women’s Fund.


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  • Director, Development & Events
  • Golf Canada Foundation
  • 1-800-263-0009 x265